Vitamin D

Why do I need Vitamin D?
Vitamin D is needed to absorb dietary and supplemental calcium and helps move that calcium into your bones.

What are good sources of Vitamin D?
Vitamin D comes from three sources: diet, supplements/vitamins and exposure to sunshine.

Foods that are rich in Vitamin D are fatty fish, liver, eggs and Vitamin D enriched products.

Many calcium supplements have Vitamin D added. Multivitamins usually contain 400 I.U. of Vitamin D

The body has the ability to make Vitamin D when skin is directly exposed to sunlight. Some factors that may interfere with the ability to make Vitamin D are living in a northern climate with limited sunny days, use of sunscreens and decreased exposure to sunlight due to work or living environment.

How much Vitamin D do I need?
Osteoporosis experts currently recommend 1000 I.U. (International Units) daily. Most multiple vitamins provide 400 I.U. and many calcium supplements also contain added Vitamin D. It is fine to take a multivitamin and a calcium supplement with Vitamin D.

What is Vitamin D deficiency?
If your healthcare professional suspects you may be Vitamin D deficient, a special blood test may be ordered. Vitamin D is sometimes prescribed in large doses to correct a Vitamin D deficiency. You will be carefully monitored during this treatment. Do not take large amounts of Vitamin D in supplement form unless your healthcare provider prescribes it.