Osteoporosis Rehabilitation Programs

The Osteoporosis Center can help you find just the help you and your doctor need to help you manage your osteoporosis. We have several rehabilitation programs geared to fit your individual activity level. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with osteoporosis for a while, you should find these programs fun and informative. Topics include osteoporosis treatments and medications, understanding your bone density test, calcium and vitamin D needs, and how to read supplement and food labels to name a few. You will be evaluated by a physical therapist and work closely with either the physical therapist or an exercise physiologist in a group and individually. You will learn how to strengthen and protect your bones, avoid falls and fractures, and improve your posture and balance. A dedicated professional team, who specialize in osteoporosis, consisting of a registered nurse, a registered dietician and an exercise physiologist and/or a physical therapist will guide you through this information. There will be plenty of opportunites to ask questions. Because classes are kept small to emphasize the needs of the individual classes fill quickly. All classes are by physician referral.

Fitcore: is for the active individual with a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia who wants to learn how to modify his/her activities to manage this treatable but not curable disease. Learn how, with simple modifications, you can continue to enjoy the things you love to do but without risking debilitating fractures. You will build fragment strength and balance and gain the knowledge that will allow you to be an informed participant in reaching treatment decisions. This class meets for three morning sessions for three weeks.

C.O.R.E.: Clients with health issues, in addition to osteoporosis, that limit activity are ideal candidates for this class. The same educational topics mentioned above will be covered, but individual participant sessions are scheduled and all classes are led by a physical therapist rather than an exercise physiologist.

Individual Physical Therapy: If you are unable to attend CORE or Fitcore due to your schedule or if you need even more individualized attention your physician may refer you to the physical therapy department. You may contact us to arrange to participate in the informational portions of CORE/FITCORE.

Home Health: If you are homebound, you may qualify for physical therapy for osteoporosis in your home. Please call for more information.

To enroll in any of these programs you must have your doctor's referral. We will be happy to speak with your physician if you are interested in participating.
  • Please also see our exercise class, BONES AND BALANCE and our monthly education and support group, WALKING TALL.