Mobile Bone Density Testing 

Where can I get a bone density test if I live in western North Carolina or northern Georgia but have difficulty traveling to Haywood Regional?

Haywood Regional Medical Center's Mountain Diagnostics offers mobile bone density testing at several sites in western North Carolina and northern Georgia.  Currently we provide the same quality testing services at the following sites:

Tallulah Health Center    Robbinsville, NC
Highlands Cashiers Hospital    Highlands, NC
Hot Springs Health Program    Mars Hill, NC
Hot Springs Health Program    Marshall, NC
Swain Medical Center    Bryson City, NC
Dr Robert Uhren     Black Mountain, NC
Angel Medical Center    Franklin, NC

Are bone density tests in a mobile setting as accurate as in the hospital?
Our osteoporosis mobile unit is staffed with the same ISCD certified registered nurses as the Osteoporosis Center at Haywood Regional Medical Center.  The equipment is tested for accuracy every morning and anytime the unit is transported. You can be confident that you are receiving the best bone density test available without leaving your community.

How do I make an appointment?
You may call any of the sites mentioned above for an appointment.  The mobile unit is usually scheduled to do testing on a regular basis each month.