MedWest Haywood will submit Medicare claims for patients. Patients are responsible for deductibles, coinsurance and amounts for non-covered services.

Medicare Part A – covers inpatient hospitalization services

Medicare Part B – covers outpatient hospital services, medical and physician services

Medicare Part C otherwise known as Medicare replacement or Medicare Advantage Plans – covers various healthcare services based on your benefits and is considered 
Medicare Managed Care

Medicare Part D – covers retail pharmacy items and are billable by MedWest Haywood for pharmacy services provided only at Hospital Hill Pharmacy in Sylva, NC 

MedWest Haywood Patient Financial Services Departments submits insurance claims for Medicare supplemental policies when complete information has been provided. 


MedWest Haywood will submit claims to Medicaid if you have presented a current valid card or verification of coverage has been obtained through the Department of Social Services. You may be responsible for a portion of the charges of Medicaid determines a co-payment or deductible is due.

For potential Medicaid eligibility please contact MedWest Haywood at 828-452-8101 or 828-452-8295