Change someone's life- become a volunteer!

Haywood Regional Medical Center offers opportunities in various areas throughout the hospital including the information desks, gift shop, library cart, courtesy cart and other areas.

Volunteering means giving of yourself to benefit others. Women and men seeking to serve the hospital and the community are given an opportunity at Haywood Regional Medical Center. Volunteers receive orientation prior to assuming their duties and are expected to serve at least 40 hours per year to be an active member. After orientation, volunteers may select the type of volunteer service that interests them from among many areas from within the hospital. They also participate in community activities, as individuals or as a group.

Benefits go beyond being a part of a team effort that provides quality health care with compassion. Volunteers also receive:
* Discounts in some areas of the health system including the Cafe
* Inclusion in hospital-sponsored activities and celebrations
* Annual flu shot
* Annual appreciation luncheon sponsored by the hospital

Chaplain’s Assistant 
Notifies pastors when patients identify their church 
Courtesy cart driver 
Gift Shop; Serves as sales person, replaces stock 
Information Desk; Provides information over the telephone and to visitors coming to the desk 
Visitor assistance; Intensive, Progressive Care and Women's Care units 
Maintain the Library Cart; assist patients and visitors with reading selections
Visitor assistance; Outpatient Surgery 
Patient Escort; Provides escort of patients from admissions office to assigned rooms and later escorts them out of medical center when discharged 
Visitor Assistance; Outpatient Care Center

Volunteers are encouraged and welcome to participate in activities within the Haywood community.

Volunteer Auxiliary
In addition to scheduled hours in service areas, the Volunteer Auxiliary is an organization that provides financial support to the hospital. The Volunteer Auxiliary raises funds for the hospital through sales from the gift shop and other fundraising events throughout the year. Over the past 15 years, projects have included:
Contributions to the Hospice and End-of-Life Care Center, the Homestead.
Five $1,500 scholarships each year to Haywood Community College for students enrolled in a medical field, 
The canopy cover for the hospital entrance, 
Furnishing a consultation room in the Emergency Department and a hospice room in the hospital, 
Purchasing an MRI, an oversized wheelchair and a blanket warmer for the Emergency Department, 
Helping purchase a courtesy van for campus use, and 
Installation of an automatic door on the first floor. 

 If you are interested in becoming a hospital volunteer, call 828-452-8883

You may also stop by the Information Desk in the main lobby of the hospital for an application form.

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