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October 6th-12th: National Physician Assistant (PA) Week


October 6th-12th: National Physician Assistant (PA) Week

Sylva, N.C. - This week is dedicated to the Physician Assistants on our health care team that serve our community as a skilled care provider and preventative ambassador.

Physician Assistants support patient needs in a preventative care model because of their general medical background. PA’s practice across all medical settings and specialties, and they believe strongly in patient education for better health.

There are more than 84,000 certified PA's nationwide providing care each day to those who need it-when and where they need it, including 30 within the MedWest medical staff. While their practice can vary, PA's can examine, test, diagnose and treat patients; prescribe medication; and provide preventive care counsel as part of the healthcare team.

PA's recognize that preventive care is necessary to improve the overall health of Americans.

PA's are an essential part any health care system and they care deeply for the health of their patients and their community. Take time to thank your Physician Assistant today. 

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